Designated OPRA Judges

As practitioners know, each County has a designated OPRA judge.  The list is here.  While it does not happen frequently, designated OPRA judges do change, so you should always check the list before you file a new case.  In the experience of this Firm, you can expect that the designated OPRA judge is the one who will be assigned to your case unless the Court identifies a conflict of interest, in which case the matter will most likely be assigned to the alternate OPRA judge.  Of course, there are many possible reasons why a judge might be assigned to a specific case; conflicts are not the only reason.  In rare cases, neither the designated OPRA judge or the designated backup will hear your case.  Before filing an OPRA lawsuit, it is important to consult with an attorney who has handled OPRA matters before and who has successful experience litigating OPRA cases in Superior Court.

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